Devisms #2

Ruby on Rails

People & Practices

  • Software is about people, not code - A reminder of what’s important when it comes to software. Hint, it’s not the software itself.

    Most people don’t know or care about the code. (If they did, they’d likely be a developer.) They’re just trying to get something done. The most beautiful, well tested, flexible, configurable, documented, future proofed codebase that does the wrong thing is useless.

  • Monoliths are the future - I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of monolith code bases, but there are times when a microservice makes sense. It’s not as often as people think though.

    So a lot of people get addicted to all the flourishment of money, and marketing, and it’s just a lot of buzz that people are attaching their assignment to, when honestly it’s not gonna necessarily solve their problem.


  • Simple Image Placeholders with SVG - A Javascript library for generating image placeholders. I find this a much better replacement for the multiple placeholder services that you have to call on a URL.


  • React Native is the Future of Mobile at Shopify - I have taken an interest in mobile app development and have been looking into React Native as well. I’d like to build an app for different platforms, but re-use the source code for each platform. Shopify’s deep dive into their decision to use React Native is well worth a read if you’re new to mobile development.