Devisms #1

Devisms is going to be my weekly drop of links that I’ve found interesting over the last week. I’ll aim to drop this every Friday morning. Most of the links will be aimed at Ruby on Rails, but expect it to include other topics as well relating to web development.

Ruby on Rails


  • When Management Clicks - Adam Keys has what you want to hear as a manager of teams:

    Stacking repeated positive outcomes yields trust in people and teams. That yields agency to tackle future projects in creative, potentially better ways. That usually leads to even more positive outcomes. Even more importantly, it makes for teammates who are excited and satisfied by their work.


  • React Nice Dates - I’m fairly late to the front-end framework hype, but it’s only now that I’m starting to see the benefits. This datepicker for React is definitely something that I could see me using.
  • How To Pass Data Between Components In Vue.js - I must admit, I did like my brief time using VueJS. Passing data between components is something that you will eventually need to do, so it’s good to know how.
  • StimulusReflex - If you’re quite happy with Rails, Turbolinks and Stimulus, this would be a good natural step before considering something like React or VueJS.
  • Design tips for developers - You can put me firmly in the category of not having good design skills. Which is why I am thankful for posts like this.


  • Minimum viable favicon code - How to get favicons working across multiple devices and browsers with just a few lines of HTML and a few files.


  • JetBrains Mono - A new free typeface for developers. I tried it, but you’ll probably have to wrestle Iosevka out of my cold dead text editor preferences.
  • BitBar - Put anything in your macOS menu bar including server statuses and snippets.